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Singer/songwriter Drew Taylor was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario. Although he is Canadian, Drew spends quite a bit of time in the states, specifically Nashville! It’s like home to him and it’s where he does most of his songwriting. Over the past few years, and still currently, Drew has put a lot of focus on his songwriting career, but feels now is the time to really step into the artist role. This past summer Drew’s song “YoYo” charted number 19 on the Iceman’s New Country Artist Chart in Nashville!

"It's been a long process for me learning and understanding who I actually wanted to be as an artist. When I was young I wanted to sound just like Brantley Gilbert. In my mid 20’s I was all about Cody Johnson and Luke Combs. Although I still admire their music, it was time to figure out who Drew Taylor was and what I could offer to the country music world!”

Check out his EP below and stay tuned for some upcoming shows/festivals,
as well as new music coming to radio!



by Drew Taylor

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